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Thank a Youth Worker Day 2016

Find out more about Thank a Youth Worker Day 2016.

  May 6, 2016   abbyyouth

Enthusiastic, confident, discreet, determined, trustworthy and unbiased… do you know someone who fits that description? If you have been to one of our youth centres or programs you sure do! The first week of May each year boasts Thank A Youth Worker Day! As you can imagine, it’s an exciting time around the office J where we take the opportunity to thank our hardworking staff for all they do to support youth in Abbotsford! The AYC created and delivered packages of post it notes and banners that supervisors and principals could post in their workplace to encourage people to share why they thought their youth worker was great!

This year’s event was on May 5th and the AYC staff were pleasantly surprised by some tasty “thanks A latte” treat cups with a generous gift card inside! As always, Bev and Christy were so appreciative with their personal thanks included free with delivery!

What did you do to thank a youth worker in your life? Here is how other agencies in Abbotsford celebrated their dedicated youth workers:

  • We sent a personalized thank you card and a $5 Tim Hortons card to all our volunteers
  • I sent a nice email to our close collaborative partners, reminding them of thank a youth worker day
  • The MCFD youth team dropped of a card and home baked cookies plus coffee!
  • We did a social media blitz and purchased theatre gift cards for our most active volunteers

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Looking for ideas on ways to thank a youth worker? Check out this list of 50 ways at: