FoodSafe Course

FoodSafe Level 1 $80

for youth ages 14yrs – 18yrs


FOODSAFE is an 8-hour program that explores the causes and prevention of food-borne illness!

Topics include:

  • Receiving, storing, preparing and serving of foods
  • Personal hygiene and dishwashing
  • Microbiology and foodborne illness
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment
  • Chemical safety


Be better prepared for employment by becoming a qualified Food Safe Server! The Level 1 course is for food service front-line workers such as bus persons, servers, dishwashers, and cooks. With completion, you will receive a FOODSAFE certificate.

FOODSAFE Certificate is recognized in Western Canada and the Northwestern U.S. - whether you are looking for your first job or considering a career in the food industry or hospitality and tourism. FOODSAFE certification gives you the leading edge.

**Remember to bring a lunch and a water bottle!

FoodSafe Courses $80

for youth ages 14yrs – 18yrs