Staff & Board Members

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Bev Olfert, Executive Director

Bev Olfert has been involved with the AYC for many years. She started at the AYC as a volunteer, later she worked as a program coordinator and eventually she was hired as the Executive Director. Before coming to the AYC, Bev worked in various programs serving children, youth and families at Abbotsford Community Services. These days Bev spends most of her time writing emails, going to meetings and generally looking after the day to day functioning of the AYC.

Bev is always looking for suggestions about programs and services that could be useful in the community. Come on in and have a chat . . . bring coffee – she likes that ;)

Bev may be reached by email at:

Alison Friesen, Team LeadCopy of Green Gray Patterned Name Tag (2).png

Alison joined the AYC in 2019 after years of seeing AYC in action when she would bring her youth clients to the rec drop in centres as a Youth Outreach Worker. Alison loves and believes in the importance of community, recreation and building capacity for belonging and well-being. Alison supports the staff and volunteers in creating and implementing creative, fun and purposeful programming for our community youth.  

And if you’ve brought a coffee for Bev and she’s not in the office...Alison will be happy to accept it on her behalf 

Sasha Austin-Seade, Program CoordinatorStaff Name Badges (Instagram Post).png

Sasha is our Program Coordinator! You can usually find her at the AYC office, but when she's at ARC or MRC she loves to play Monopoly Deal with the youth there! She loves baking, travelling, and strawberry lemonade. Her ideal weekend includes reading a good book, drinking tea, getting brunch, and watching a movie! 

Sasha may be reached by email at:

Bradley Nguyen, Administrative and Marketing AssistantUntitled (Circle Sticker) (1).png

Bradley is our Admin & Marketing Assistant. He's usually at the AYC office, answering the phone, posting on social media, and making promo materials. He enjoys dancing to Kpop, watching comedy series, exploring the nature, and playing video games (Nintendo Switch). He is very interested in Marvel superheroes!

Bradley can be reached by email at:

Danaye Reinhardt, Youth Centre CoordinatorUntitled (Circle Sticker).png

Danaye is one of our Youth Centre Coordinators! You can usually find her at the AYC office or MRC, where she loves hanging out with the youth. She loves playing board games, being forced to go on hikes around the Fraser Valley, and buying books (she’ll read them eventually). One of her goals in life is to adopt a cat.

Danaye can be reached by email at:

Jaimie Piercy, Youth Centre CoordinatorJaimie (Circle).png

Jaimie is one of our Youth Centre Coordinators! She enjoys reading, hiking, and playing with her three cats. You can find her at the ARC Youth Centre or at the AYC office. She loves to play games and is willing to learn anything (although warning: she may not be good at it). Her favourite video game is Stardew Valley which she has spent hundreds of hours playing. 

Jaimie can be reached by email at:

Shelby Fink, Youth Program Leader15.png

Shelby is one of our Team Leads! Her favourite activity to do with the youth is play pool. She loves interacting with the youth and being silly and having fun together!⁠ Shelby's from Alberta and loves swimming and watching movies! She likes pineapple on pizza and enjoys time outside.⁠

Shelby may be reached by email at:

Ali Shafi, Youth Program Leader2.png

Ali is currently a UFV student. He has been a youth worker for us since 2018 and loves playing video games with them and helping them to develop and build character! Ali loves clothes, chicken wings, and hanging out with friends!

Ali may be reached by email at:

Tarun Minhas, Youth Program LeaderStaff Name Badges (Instagram Post) (5).png

Tarun started with us as a Practicum Student but has now stepped into the role of Youth Program Leader! He loves working with the youth and is so great at it! 

Tarun may be reached by email at:

Aaron Sandhu, Youth Program Leader

28.pngAaron loves working with youth and hearing about their life experiences. He loves to play basketball and pool at the youth centres. Aaron is team Tim Hortons, not Starbucks, and his favourite chocolate bar is Coffee Crisp. He loves butter chicken, Skyrim, and pineapple on pizza.

Aaron may be reached by email at:

Arash Gill, Youth Program Leader

3.pngArash is one of the amazing staff members at AYC, and he really loves it! His job is to support and encourage youth to develop their skills while having the best time! His favorite part of his role is seeing youth’s friendly faces in the community that we all know and love. ⁠

Arash may be reached by email at:

Lily Flores, Youth Program Leader

5.pngLily is one of our new Youth Program Leaders, and you can usually find her at either the ARC or MRC. If you’re ever at the MRC try challenging her to a game of foosball—but make sure you bring a friend to help, she’s exceptional!

Jas Sandhu, Youth Program Leader

4.pngJas is one of our youth leaders at the AYC. His role is to ensure youth feel safe and sociable while enjoying the companionships! Jas is a champion in his community as he enjoys volunteering with different organizations, such as Abby PD in the Victim Services Unit, Big Brothers & Big Sisters as a mentor, and the Special Olympics as a soccer & track coach. Despite being a community champion, he’s quite clumsy as he tends to spill something on himself every fifth (5th) meal. (Relatable!) ⁠During his free time, you can find Jas staying active, watching anime and/or Marvel movies, or playing chess

Jas may be reached by email at:

Kam Sachdev, Youth Program Leader

27.pngWe asked Kam what he likes about working with youth and he said, "Everyone has such unique personalities and I really enjoy connecting and talking to the youth that come into the AYC. I also learn a lot from the youth, which is something that I enjoy too." Besides working with youth, Kam loves Areos, dogs, candles, french toast, and raspberry lemonade.

Kam may be reached by email at:

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Meet The Board of Directors

Teresa Pippus,


Manager- Information, Training & Self Employment Community Futures

Stan Petersen,

Past President

Abbotsford School Trustee

Gurmeen Banipal,

Vice President

Journalist, The Patrika

Preet Dhaliwal,


Lawyer, Fraserwest Law Group LLP

Dylan Kular,


Vice President - Fraser Valley Bandits

Cindy Rammage,


Associate Professor, Child and Youth Care - University of the Fraser Valley

Mindi Mahil,


Airport Duty Officer (YXX)

Inder Rai,


Local Business Owner

Nimrat Aulakh,


Registered Nurse, Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Harleen Bhandal,


Accounting Team Lead, TuGo Insurance 

Roi Castro,


Youth Council Representative

Avneet Malhi,


Youth Council Representative

Miriam Michel,


Abbotsford Police Department

Rupi Kanda-Rajwan,


Trustee - Abbotsford School District

Interested in becoming a board member? Download the AYC Board of Directors Application or Call for Nominations to apply.