Noon Hour Games

Noon Hour Games is designed to engage youth with positive role models during the lunch hour. AYC staff attend the schools and provide recreation, mentorship, and relationship building to youth who are at loose ends during the less structured school break times. The schools which will be running noon hour games for the 2021-22 school year are TBD.


The main goal of Noon Hour Games is to assist youth who require extra social support, provide youth with fun activities, build relationships and engage in conversations that lead youth in a positive direction.

The objectives of the Noon Hour Games Program are:

  • To provide positive interactions with adult role models that lead to mentoring relationships
  • To create opportunities for meaningful conversations within those mentoring relationships
  • To give youth the opportunity to meet new friends and develop social skills
  • To help facilitate healthy ways for youth to socialize with their peers and build social connections
  • To provide new experiences to youth
  • To assist youth in developing positive life skills

Format of the Program:

This program is offered three times a week at local schools during the lunch hour but it can also be offered additionally after school as needed and where funding permits. Staff and AYC volunteers attend the school and seek out youth who appear to need extra social support. The staff wear recognizable jackets and youth soon learn that they are there to support them and to assist them in connecting with their peers. At one of the schools the staff work with the boys specifically as there are significant issues with young men getting into trouble in that neighbourhood. We have been able to staff that program with young adult men who can act as the positive role models and mentors that this group of boys so desperately need. Although boys are the focus at the one particular program - girls are not excluded at any of the programs.

Staff: Noon Hour Games is facilitated by paid staff in conjunction with practicum students and other volunteers working under the direction of the Supervisor of Recreation and the Executive Director of the Abbotsford Youth Commission.

Community Benefit:

  • Assists youth who need extra support to participate in healthy recreational activities
  • Youth have healthy fun activities to participate in during unstructured times
  • Youth have the opportunity to meet new friends, gain self-esteem and improve social and leadership skills
  • Youth create relationships with positive role models
  • Youth get to know the AYC Drop-in Program staff which we have found makes youth more likely to participate in other aspects of our drop-in programming which then further engages them in positive activities during high risk times

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia