Youth Table

The main goal of the Youth Table is to bring together youth workers from across the city to share resources, ideas and concerns. Over the years this table has had great success bringing agencies and people from across our city together and uniting them with the common goal of improving the lives of youth in Abbotsford. The Youth Table is a service that the AYC has been providing to the community for more than 20 years. In the early years, the Youth Table was known as the Youth Workers Networking Meeting – most commonly shortened to “Networkers.”

Our Meetings

The Youth Table meets the second Wednesday of the month for networking and meeting from 9:00 - 10:30 AM.

Monthly themes have included: restorative justice, youth transitioning out of care, trends of recent criminal incidents involving youth, sexual exploitation, substance misuse, domestic violence and affordable appropriate housing for youth. The Youth Table has also worked on establishing a’ priority grid’ or a table outlining the issues that youth in Abbotsford are facing, listing current resources, identifying gaps and postulating solutions to unaddressed / under addressed issues.

As a part of the Youth Table, the AYC also emails out relevant updates regarding programs and services for youth and training opportunities for youth workers.

How to Join

Contact info@abbyyouth to sign up for the Youth Table mailing list or ask about an upcoming meeting.

Anyone is welcome to attend – no rsvp is needed.