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Youth Week

Awesome online activities for youth ages 12-18

  Apr 29, 2020   abbyyouth

BC Youth Week.png

Celebrate BC Youth Week with our youth workers ONLINE!

May 1st- Baking Challenge

Kenyon and Emily will be posting a picture of their decorated cakes at 10:00am on their instagrams (@AYCemily, @AYCKenyon and @abbyyouth) with a poll. The voting will be open until 4pm, and the youth will be the judges on which cake looks better! Join us on Instagram live at 4:30pm to see the loser be punished with a bucket of water over their heads!

May 2nd – Scavenger Hunt

heck Emily and Kenyon’s instagrams (@AYCemily and @AYCkenyon) for a community scavenger hunt posted at 10am. We are challenging the youth to try to take a picture of everything on the list, post it on their Instagram and tag us! The youth with the most checked-off items will get a special delivery prize sometime in the following week!  If multiple youth complete the most, they will all receive a prize.

May 3rd – Cheering at 7pm

Send in your submissions of you cheering outside at 7pm to thank all of the essential workers. All responses will be reposted on our stories!

Kenyon will be making a sign and standing on the corner of his street to get cars to honk for essential workers.  Kenyon will be going live at this time and hopefully get youth to join in as well.

Emily will post or go live cheering at 7pm.

May 4th – May the Fourth Be With You

Join us at 3pm on the House Party app for Star Wars trivia! Download the app and add users AYCemily and AYCkenyon to join the call.

May 5th- TIk Tok Dance Challenge

Check Kenyon and Emily’s Instagram stories (@AYCemily and @AYCkenyon) at 10am to watch their selected Tik Tok dance. Recreate the dance and send it to us! We will repost any recreations that we are tagged in!

May 6th- Youth Shout Outs

Kenyon and Emily will be shouting out the youth who have been most involved with our new online AYC interface all day on their instagrams (@AYCemily and @AYCkenyon). These youth will be congratulated with a special Instagram post about why we appreciate them.

May 7th – Mental Health Day

Emily will be posting a Self-Care Mental Wellness checklist on her Instagram at 10am. Emily will be doing all of the checklist, and will be reposting everyone who wants to take a “Mental Health Day” with Emily as well, all day!

Check out our website calendar for daily activities during BC Youth Week and every other day too! There is always something for youth to do!