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Are you missing Girls Night / Guys Night / Youth Night?

  May 21, 2020   abbyyouth

Do we have a program for you! It’s time to GET ACTIVE! 

GET ACTIVE is a program that will run once a week, online, that provides youth with opportunities to be active and have fun while doing it.  Do you enjoy golfing?  Well, come and learn how to play sock golf!  Missing the gym? Don’t worry, we have fun fitness circuits and activities.  Join the AYC once a week to participate in new and fun activities.  Wanting to try an activity?  Let us know and we can try it out.  Make sure to follow us on instagram at @abbyyouth, @ayckenyon and @aycemily for updates and for all the other fun activities we are currently doing online!  You can also find more information on our website at  We’re ready to GET ACTIVE, are you?