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What do youth need from adults?

We asked the youth who came to our programs to answer two questions for us. In today’s post you will find their answers to the question, “What do youth need from adults?” Check last weeks post for their answers to the question, “What don’t adults “get” about youth?” Below are the highlights of the responses collected from the youth.

  Jan 30, 2017   abbyyouth

Question: What do youth need from adults?

Youth Answers:

  • Patience, understanding, some room to move and grow, acceptance, protection, love, guidance, enthusiastic interest.
  • Trust and support.
  • Space.
  • Young people need to be told that whatever they want is within their reach. At the same time they also need a balance of people who are going to tell them to get to work, and make use of their lives.
  • It's about support for picking a dream/passion then a gentle (or maybe a little harder) push to tell the youth to get off their butts and do it.
  • Youth need adults to trust them. Being a young person you can feel like adults are constantly telling you how to act or what to say without giving you the space to shape your own identity or future.
  • I think that youth want to get noticed for something other than getting in trouble ;)
  • I think what every youth needs is different. Personally me, I know that I need understanding, when it comes to not being able to get something done.
  • The ability to not feel afraid when calling for help in an unfavourable situation.
  • Understanding; the chance to screw up as well as the chance to be forgiven.
  • Attention, knowledge, and guidance.
  • Love, respect and freedom.
  • Love. (repeated many times)
  • Food, water, shelter, money, clothes
  • We need them to be there to talk to and they need to treat us as equals.
  • Support, love, happiness, open arms, shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen.
  • To know there is always someone there who will understand why you did something.
  • Respect the need for individuality.
  • Space, respect, time, friendships, and proper teaching.

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