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URoc Awards 2014

As usual, the URoc Awards were awesome, click here fore more details.

  May 9, 2014   abbyyouth

May 7th was not only the end of an amazing Youth Week but also our UROC extravaganza! 12 recipients and a grand total of 75 attendees filled the Youth Centre at the ARC for our 13th annual UROC Awards and Ice Cream Social.

Make sure you’re on the lookout this year for exceptional youth, youth friendly adults and businesses to nominate for next year’s awards… What do you think would make them people or businesses of Character?

2014 Award Winners:

  • Ariel Ceresney (youth)
  • Charanpreet Mahal & Gurmeen Banipal (youth)
  • Rachel Bae (youth)
  • Patricia Ross (adult)
  • Simone Maassen (adult)
  • Lisa Steinbach (adult)
  • Steve Carlton & Jim Callaghan (adults)
  • WestJet (business)
  • URoc 2014 in the Abbotsford News:
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