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URoc Awards 2013

Click here for more details on the URoc Award Ceremony of 2013.

  May 9, 2013   abbyyouth

A time honored tradition since 2002, the UROC Awards are always a much anticipated event at the AYC! Always striving to show our Character Abbotsford traits, we encourage others to do the same by holding this award event! Fast paced and fun, we say “Job Well Done” to extraordinary youth, youth friendly adults and businesses in Abbotsford! Nominations are carefully considered and awards are lovingly created for this special day. As always, after all the ceremony there is tons of fun to be had with our Annual Ice Cream Social!

Below are the winners for 2013 and some press coverage of the event 

• Victoria McMillan (youth)

• Jaymie Thompson (youth)

• Karl Olfert (adult)

• Krista Bryde (adult)

• Joanne Hamm (adult)

• Tamara Smith (adult)

• ACS’s DEARS Program Volunteers (adult group): Pearl Penner, Dylan Thiessen, Matthew Murdock, Jessica Warkentin, Afruze Bahraini, and Gugan Sidhu

• Canadian Tire (business)

• Prospera Credit Union (business)

• Abbotsford Dance Center (business)

• URoc 2013 in the Abbotsford News: