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Save $36 with Youth Night Sampler

Are you a looking for a fun and affordable weekly activity? 

Register now for Youth Night Sampler to save $36!

  Jan 10, 2023   abbyyouth

We will be participating together in 8 weeks of fun activities and games and encouraging youth ages 12-16 to get active and live a healthy, balanced life.

By registering, you can enjoy the admissions of multiple activities (with the total admission up to $86) for only $50

Register here!

What's included (these are subject to change based on booking availability, we will communicate any adjustments to ALL participants via email in a timely manner):

  • One game of bowling + shoe rental ($12 admission)
  • One dance class, Zumba ($10 admission)
  • One + half hour of skating ($8 admission)
  • Two games of laser tag ($16 admission)
  • One gym night ($10 admission)
  • One night for golfing &50 balls &club rental ($10 admission)
  • One pizza & games night ($10 admission)
  • One Judo lesson ($10 admission)
  • Making new friends & fantastic memories (Priceless)

What is it?

Youth Night Sampler is a recreational program for all youth ages 12-16. The focus is to try new, fun physical activities that the youth might have not tried before. Some youth even leave the program with a new favourite sport or activity!

How does it work?  

Youth who are signed up for the program will meet each week at the assigned location to participate in the activity! We will send out the schedule of activities/locations about a week before the first night of the program. You will also receive any other information that the youth will need.

What's the purpose?

Our Youth Night programs encourage youth to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle through exercise and play. These programs provide youth with the opportunity to try new sports and activities in a fun atmosphere with no pressure to perform. No skill is required, just the willingness to try. 

Save $36 now!!