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Asking Ourselves: What does it mean to be an Ally?

  Jun 24, 2020   abbyyouth

At the AYC, we believe that systemic racism exists in our society and despite our best efforts it also exists at the AYC. We are 100% committed to our diversity statement, EVERYONE BELONGS! So, now we are taking a closer look at how we can improve our allyship. Our first step was listening and learning from the global community and then our next step (as always) was to engage our youth!

From our Youth Council: “Keeping quiet and not speaking up is a thing of the past. This week we talked with our group about our experiences with racism and how to be better allies. While it seems that the world is falling apart, we came together (on Zoom ;)). We will not sit idly by and not engage in the here and now. We had a great discussion about how the Abbotsford Youth Commission can be an ally and what we can do to speak up and challenge systemic racism. We can change the future if we stick together and learn from our past mistakes. We are all committed to do better and be better!  Will you make this commitment with us?”

The conversation is open – we need to hear from you. Share your thoughts and experiences with us – we want to learn and grow.

How to be an ally poster.png