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Staying Active and Connected during a Pandemic!

  Jun 8, 2020   abbyyouth

Hey guys! Emily Here. After noticing that some of our online crafts and activities required extra supplies that some youth don’t have on hand, we thought - why not create gift bags filled with surprises for the youth so that they are able to fully participate in all of our events!? The gift bags were filled with craft supplies to paint with me, jump ropes for our fitness challenges, and even ingredients to make a DIY handscrub! One by one the youth met with us at the youth centres, and we handed out the bags to some overly eager teens. Aaaaand- it worked! The youth were ecstatic to receive their gift bags, posting about them all over their social medias, and we were equally as excited, because we were able to connect with them like we usually would at the youth centre-but from home! Not to toot my own horn, but one of the most popular events was our “Cooking with Emily” livestream. Thanks to the Abbotsford Community Foundation / Smart and Caring Communities Grant, all of the youth were able to make yummy (and healthy) oatmeal energy balls that were a huge hit!

gift bags katy.jpg gift bags 3.png

We are also excited to announce our new Connection is Key project to help us continue to alleviate social isolation inyouth. This project is also funded by the Abbotsford Community Foundation (THANKS for all of your great work supporting youth in our community, ACF!) and the Government of Canada through the Canada Emergency Community Support Fund. Stay tuned to hear about how we are able to connect with youth with these funds!

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