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Network Green apply by December 31st

Seeking youth who are passionate about the environment.

  Dec 20, 2019   abbyyouth

Network Green brings together a small group of youth passionate about the environment and sustainability from across Abbotsford to develop projects that address some of the most pressing sustainability challenges facing the community. Communities face complex environmental challenges, and youth continue to be critical voices in shaping solutions to deal with the climate crisis. Abbotsford is one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada, and it faces numerous ecological challenges. Given that Abbotsford is the largest agricultural community in Canada, the impacts of climate change would have a significant impact on the community at large. Additionally, Abbotsford is in the Fraser Valley of which air quality concerns are acutely relevant. Youth taking an active role in dealing with these challenges will lead to better outcomes for all of Abbotsford, particularly the youth who call this place home.


Network Green is a popup lab where local youth will work on the concrete design and implementation of projects that address sustainability challenges across the City of Abbotsford. Using design thinking principles, these projects will focus on: Climate Change, Waste Diversion, Air Quality. Network Green is funded by the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge which is supported by the RBC Foundation and Abbotsford Community Foundation. Network Green is hosted by the Abbotsford Youth Commission. Network Green put in their application for the RBC Future Launch in September. Since then we have had meetings regarding how Network Green will work, who will be taking what roles and what the pop-up labs will look like.


Network Green is currently recruiting youth participants. The application period closed on December 31st. Apply today!