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Eat Right, Future Bright!

Nutrition for the whole family!

  Jul 25, 2018   abbyyouth

We are thrilled to announce we have created a Recipe Book for our Nutrition program, Eat Right, Future Bright!

Every month through the school year, we host Dinner Nights for youth at each of our Youth Centres. These free dinners are very popular and the youth enjoy trying new recipes and foods. In addition to this, we are awarding a Chef of the Month prize every second month to the youth in each centre who shows initiative and helpfulness with the meal prep and clean up.

In our new online book, you will find the recipes for the different dinners we have hosted, including desserts and snacks. We'll also be featuring our Chefs of the Month! You can find the recipe book in the Nutrition program section of our website. It will be updated monthly with new recipes and information. Enjoy!

Our Eat Right, Future Bright program is made possible through funding from President's Choice Children's Charity and the Abbotsford Community Foundation.