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WHY take an AYC summer camp?!

  May 16, 2022   abbyyouth

Our summer camps are like no other! Our focus is youth, so our activities are planned and developed with that age group in mind. Youth won't be bored playing childish games, but also won't be in an environment that is too mature for them. 


Our summer camps are special because...

- They're affordable! Our camps are great value for money. We make summer childcare accessible!

- They're age-appropriate! We ensure that our activities are not too childish but also aren't too mature for the youth. Our camps are planned and designed with youth ages 12-14 in mind.

- We go on field trips! Every full-day camp includes 3 awesome trips: we go swimming, we go on a walk to the store for Slurpees, and one other surprise field trip!


Youth love our camps because...

- We've got everything teenagers love... video games, snacks, sports, games, new people, and more!

- Our staff are young and so much fun.

- There are no parents around! But our trained youth workers are responsible and supervise the youth closely at all times.


Parents/guardians love our camps because...

- They get time during the day to work, shop, exercise, meet friends, or relax.

- Their youth isn't just spending all summer at home! Youth are getting outside, learning social and life skills, playing games, getting physical activity, and having experiences they wouldn't otherwise be having!

- We create a safe and fun environment for all youth. We don't tolerate bullying, swearing, or rude comments or behaviour.


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