The Referral Guide is available here. This is a listing of services, programs, events, etc. available for youth in our community. The Referral Guide is updated yearly, please contact us with changes or new resources in the community.

In our office we have a Resource Library of books and dvd’s available to borrow.

Suicide and Depression
Many people go through life hiding their problems and feelings from others. It is normal to go through times when life seems overwhelming and discouraging. It is not OK for youth to try and handle these situations on their own. When  youth can’t see anything but darkness ahead, talking to someone can help them realize that they do have choices… no matter how powerless they may feel.

The following helplines are free:

1-800-SUICIDE      Suicide Prevention Line
1-800-668-6868     Kids Help Phone
604-820-1166         Fraser Valley Regional Crisis Line
310-1234                  Youth/Kids Help Line