Youth Week

BC Youth Week is a provincial celebration of youth held annually during the first week of May. It is a week of fun and interactive celebration intended to build a strong connection between young people and their communities and to profile the issues, accomplishments, and diversity of youth across the province.

Of course this is a big week for us at the Abbotsford Youth Commission! Come out and celebrate with us May 1 – 7, 2018

Youth Week Events May 1 – 7 2018

Tuesday May 1st

URoc Awards and Ice Cream Social (Submit a nomination here)

Wednesday May 2nd

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

Thursday May 3rd

To Be Announced

Friday May 4th

Youth Appreciation BBQ

Saturday May 5th

Youth Paint Night

Monday May 7th

Youth Council/City Council Collaboration


History of BC Youth Week: In 1995, a small group of local municipal planners and youth recreation leaders in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia stumbled across an idea they thought might be an interesting little project. At first, discussions revolved around the idea of organizing a Youth Day. However, this was not big enough for the ambitious group, so they decided to make it an entire week. Thus Youth Week was born. It began with a small handful of municipalities launching a new and exciting initiative to promote partnerships with youth, adults, businesses, government, schools and the media – A Celebration of Youth.

Mission Statement: The BC Youth Week Committee engages individuals throughout BC to collaborate and support each other. We create opportunities that empower youth to be heard, recognized, and celebrated.

Youth Week has become an international celebration to promote awareness of youth. It is an opportunity for people around the world to learn about, and from, the youth of their community. During May 1st to 7th, youth in BC will embrace the spirit of Youth Week by participating in activities and events organized by youth for youth, while honoring and celebrating their diversity and their many contributions in their communities.

Youth Week events have included youth award ceremonies, advocacy campaigns, service projects, entertainment events, sporting competitions, educational forums, and other events to showcase, educate and empower youth in our communities. More information, including a sample of the activities that take place during BC Youth Week, can be found on the events listing page.

Wherever Youth Week is celebrated, the idea behind it is the same: Young people are important and need to be recognized in a constructive and positive manner. Their contributions need to be acknowledged and celebrated. Mark your calendar and support youth in your community