The Abbotsford Youth Commission is excited to present a number of events for youth in Abbotsford.

Throughout the year, AYC celebrates various events that focus on youth in Abbotsford. Below are some of the great events that you are encouraged to attend!

Every February the AYC celebrates Pink Shirt Day through our Bullying Awareness Rally. This event is always one of many highlights of the year for both youth and the AYC.

Our URoc Awards have been recognizing outstanding youth, youth friendly adults, and youth friendly businesses in the community since 2002.  Every year the AYC presents these awards at their Community Appreciation Ice Cream Social.

BC Youth Week is an annual celebration from May 1st-7th. This week is packed full of fun interactive activities intended to build a strong connection between youth and their communities. The week highlights various issues, accomplishments and diversity of youth across the entire province.

Thank a Youth Worker Day is important to the staff at AYC, as we all understand that this is a job that requires strong dedication. Youth workers are there for children who require additional attention with their development and transition into adulthood. Thanking a youth worker is a great way to show our appreciation and make sure they know their work has had a positive influence on lives.

If you have any questions or to suggest an event, email us at or give our office a call at 604-854-8785