With summer finally here, we have great programs that are going to be offered starting next week. Our drop-in Summer Youth Zone is going to be open Monday-Friday from 12pm-5pm. Stop by and play some video games, have a game of pool, or participate in one of our daily planned activities.

We are offering a babysitters course July 6-9 from 10am-12pm. Sign up today and become Red Cross certified and gain the necessary confidence to look after the children in your care. That same week, July 6-9, we have a course called ‘it’s a Girl Thing.’ This gets a group of girls together to make jewelry, candles, food and more!

Our last FREE dinner night is happening at ARC Friday June 26th.  Youth will help in preparing the meal which will be served ‘family style’ seated around tables. Our dinner nights would not be possible without the grant from the Abbotsford Community Foundation, thank you!

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